Song Corporation

2008 - Pirates!

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  1. Song_Corporation-Pirates-2008-RTB

    ARTIST: Song Corporation
    TITLE: Pirates!
    LABEL: Self-Released
    GENRE: Rock
    BITRATE: 202kbps avg
    PLAYTIME: 0h 35m total
    RELEASE DATE: 2008-07-00
    RIP DATE: 2008-06-26

    Track List
    1. Introducing 2:13
    2. NYC Love Song 3:24
    3. We Found a Map 2:57
    4. Kiss a Lil' Woman 3:30
    5. A Novel Idea 3:57
    6. Not a Dancer 2:11
    7. Anchor and the Fat Man 4:17
    8. Just Like Us 3:26
    9. Ohio Mafia 4:17
    10. Carol 4:51

    Release Notes:

    ôTheir show was a blast, had a pretty sweet balance between mellow songs/female
    vocals and more rocking songs/male vocals, and they had all kinds of people
    dancing and grooving alongàa bunch of people got up on the stage with the band
    and stuff too. Yeah, IÆll be going to see them again soon - one Song Corporation
    show made me a fan.ö - EARFARM

    ôTheir final number, a hedonistic B-52Æs piece that saw vocals coming from a
    large man hanging from a pipe doing a Les Savy Fav impression. A call to stage
    dancing arms was happily taken upàand it resulted in a triumphant close.ö -

    ôThe Song CorporationÆs music seems to integrate new elements in an already
    pretty noisy (and exciting) formula - a sprinkle of pop, an interest for
    complicated guitar plots, and a tad bit of bossanova.ö - DELI MAGAZINE


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