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  1. Bad_Religion-The_Gray_Race-1996-HiTS_iNT
    ARTIST: Bad Religion
    TITLE: The Gray Race
    LABEL: Atlantic
    TYPE: Normal release
    GENRE: Punk Rock
    SOURCE: CD Audio
    BITRATE: 232 kbps avg/44100 Hz
    ENCODER: Lame 3.97
    SIZE: 71.72 MB
    PLAYTIME: 40:56
    RIP DATE: 2010-02-02

    Track List

    1. The Gray Race 2:06
    2. Them And Us 2:50
    3. A Walk 2:09
    4. Parallel 3:24
    5. Punk Rock Song 2:27
    6. Empty Causes 2:51
    7. Nobody Listens 1:57
    8. Pity The Dead 2:56
    9. Spirit Shine 2:11
    10. The Streets Of America 3:49
    11. Ten In 2010 2:22
    12. Victory 2:36
    13. Drunk Sincerity 2:13
    14. Come Join Us 2:03
    15. Cease 2:35
    16. Punk Rock Song (German Version) 2:27
    Total Playtime: 40:56

    Release Notes:

    Out of all of the Southern Californian hardcore punk bands of the early '80s,
    Bad Religion stayed around the longest. For over a decade, they retained their
    underground credibility without turning out a series of indistinguishable
    records that all sound the same. Instead, the band refined their attack, adding
    inflections of psychedelia, heavy metal, and hard rock along the way, as well as
    a considerable dose of melody. Between their 1982 debut and their first
    major-label record, 1993's Recipe for Hate, Bad Religion stayed vital in the
    hardcore community by tightening their musical execution and keeping their
    lyrics complex and righteously angry.

    Bad Religion formed in the northern suburbs of Los Angeles in 1980, comprising
    guitarist Brett Gurewitz, vocalist Greg Graffin, bassist Jay Bentley, and
    drummer Jay Ziskrout. Gurewitz established his own record company, Epitaph, to
    release the band's records. Between their self-titled EP and their first
    full-length record, Pete Finestone replaced Ziskrout as the group's drummer.
    Into the Unknown, their debut album, was released in 1983 and gained them some
    attention on the national U.S. hardcore scene. After its release, the group's
    lineup changed, as bassist Paul Dedona and drummer Davy Goldman joined the

    In the meantime, the band's lineup was undergoing some more shakeups. Gurewitz
    had to take 1984 off to recover from various substance abuse problems, leaving
    Graffin as the band's only original member. In addition to Graffin, the 1984
    incarnation of the band featured former Circle Jerks guitarist Greg Hetson,
    bassist Tim Gallegos, and returning drummer Pete Finestone. Bad Religion's next
    release, the harder, punkier Back to the Known EP restored faith among the
    group's devoted fans. After its release, the group went on hiatus for three

    When Bad Religion returned in 1987, the band featured Gurewitz, Graffin,
    Ziskrout, Hetson, and Finestone. They released Suffer the following year, a
    record that re-established the group as prominent players in the U.S.
    underground punk/hardcore scene. They followed with No Control (1989) and
    Against the Grain (1990). By the time of their 1993 album, Recipe for Hate,
    alternative rock had become popular with the mainstream; in addition, the band's
    following was quite large. These two factors contributed to Bad Religion signing
    a major-label contract with Atlantic Records.

  2. Bad_Religion-Recipe_For_Hate-1993-HiTS_iNT
    ARTIST: Bad Religion
    TITLE: Recipe For Hate
    LABEL: Epitaph
    TYPE: Album
    GENRE: Punk Rock
    BITRATE: 195 kbps avg/44100 Hz
    ENCODER: Lame 3.97
    SIZE: 55.32 MB
    PLAYTIME: 37:32
    RELEASE DATE: 1993-00-00
    RIP DATE: 2010-02-21

    Track List

    1. Recipe For Hate 2:02
    2. Kerosene 2:41
    3. American Jesus 3:17
    4. Portrait Of Authority 2:44
    5. Man With A Mission 3:11
    6. All Good Soldiers 3:07
    7. Watch It Die 2:34
    8. Struck A Nerve 3:47
    9. My Poor Friend Me 2:42
    10. Lookin' In 2:03
    11. Don't Pray On Me 2:42
    12. Modern Day Catastrophists 2:46
    13. Skyscraper 3:15
    14. Stealth 0:41
    Total Playtime: 37:32

    Release Notes:

    Recipe for Hate is Bad Religion's seventh full-length album, released on
    September 21, 1993. This was their last album on Epitaph Records and the band
    switched to Atlantic Records before its release.

    While the album was released on a major label, Recipe for Hate initially
    received mixed reviews from music critics, who generally found it to be less
    impressive than Bad Religion's past releases, though it has gained a cult
    following in recent times. The album got the band's highest U.S. chart position
    to date, debuting at #14 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart, with "American Jesus"
    and "Struck a Nerve" in particular becoming major rock radio hits at their time.

  3. Bad_Religion-Punk_Rock_Song-(CDM)-1996-HiTS_iNT
    ARTIST: Bad Religion
    TITLE: Punk Rock Song
    LABEL: Atlantic Records
    TYPE: Normal release
    GENRE: Punk Rock
    SOURCE: CD Maxi (3-5+ tracks)
    BITRATE: 216 kbps avg/44100 Hz
    ENCODER: Lame 3.97
    SIZE: 15.29 MB
    PLAYTIME: 9:22
    RIP DATE: 2010-02-18

    Track List

    1. Punk Rock Song 2:27
    2. The Universal Cynic 2:17
    3. The Dodo 2:11
    4. Punk Rock Song (German Language Version) 2:27
    Total Playtime: 09:22

    Release Notes:

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