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2008 - Are You There God? It's Me, Tennis Pro

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  1. Tennis_Pro-Are_You_There_God_Its_Me_Tennis_Pro-2008-404
    ARTiST: Tennis Pro
    ALBUM: Are You There God? It's Me, Tennis Pro
    BiTRATE: 179kbps avg
    QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
    LABEL: CD Baby
    GENRE: Rock
    SiZE: 55.05 megs
    PLAYTiME: 0h 41min 02sec total
    RiP DATE: 2008-06-22
    STORE DATE: 2008-04-29

    Track List:
    01. Shopping Day 3:31
    02. ASVAB 3:13
    03. College Math 2:50
    04. Shelly Gets High 2:45
    05. Salmon La Sac 4:23
    06. Art School Pony 3:01
    07. With Kindness 3:14
    08. Kimberly 2:47
    09. Small Shorts 3:12
    10. Devil 3:14
    11. Hummingbird Tattoo 5:21
    12. Prom 2007 3:31

    Release Notes:
    "Are You There God? ItÆs Me, Tennis Pro" (self-released) is the third offering
    in five years from Seattle indie power-pop trio Tennis Pro. The collection of
    tongue-in-cheek melodic and anarchic pop songs include a denigration of
    indie-rock pretentiousness (College Math), an overwrought ballad about the
    neighbor who tends her yard all day (Kimberly), a rebuke of all things Spring
    Break (ôGirl, take your small shorts and pack æemö), a teenage fantasy about
    getting an uptight girl stoned (Shelly Gets High), and a diatribe against Canada
    (ôDonÆt need to learn French to know/ IÆm eating Cheeriosö).


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