Jeff Bruckner

2008 - Take Me to the West Coast

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  1. Jeff_Bruckner-Take_Me_To_The_West_Coast-2008-404
    ARTiST: Jeff Bruckner
    ALBUM: Take Me to the West Coast
    BiTRATE: 216kbps avg
    QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
    LABEL: CD Baby
    GENRE: Rock
    SiZE: 57.25 megs
    PLAYTiME: 0h 35min 07sec total
    RiP DATE: 2008-06-22
    STORE DATE: 2008-06-02

    Track List:
    01. Chicago 3:30
    02. Not Feelin' It 3:38
    03. Point of View 3:01
    04. Murdering Man 3:16
    05. Quarterback Lover 3:22
    06. I Never 2:36
    07. Song to Pay for You 3:48
    08. Love Me Now 3:52
    09. Annie Hall 3:41
    10. Envy of All Our Friends 4:23

    Release Notes:
    Infectious power pop you can dance to has never sounded better than on Jeff
    BrucknerÆs debut album, ôTake Me To The West Coast.ö

    The young, sweater-vest sporting, floppy-hair-head-bopper packs a poppy crunch
    into his tales of heartache and desire. Not to be outdone by wicked guitar work
    courtesy of Stephen Butler (Smash Palace) and a strong back beat provided by
    Anthony Bezich (Mezzrow),BrucknerÆs strengths lie in his quirky storytelling and
    antihero escapades as showcased in tracks, ôChicago,ö ôNot FeelinÆ It,ö and
    ôMurdering Man.ö For the rock clubbers out there, ôQuarterback Loverö and ôI
    Neverö provide chanting anthems you can move your feet to. And on ôPoint Of
    Viewö and ôEnvy Of All Our Friendsö Bruckner demonstrates his acoustic flair he
    patented during his stint in Los Angeles.

    YouÆll be hooked on BrucknerÆs hooks after one listen, as this is truly an album
    that can be appreciated by all.


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