2008 - Electro Tube Riot

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  1. Dapunksportif-Electro_Tube_Riot-2008-PMS
    Dapunksportif - Electro Tube Riot

    ARTIST........: Dapunksportif
    TITLE.........: Electro Tube Riot
    LABEL.........: Filter Records
    URL...........: http://www.dapunksportif.com
    GENRE.........: Rock
    QUALITY:......: 208 kbps avg/ 44100Hz / Joint Stereo

    RIP DATE......: 2008-05-05
    RELEASE DATE..: 2008-04-00

    01. I've Been All Over Town Looking For You 2:32
    02. Friends (Come and Go) 3:43
    03. You Make Believe That It's Ok! 3:09
    04. Goin' Back In Time 3:26
    05. Sharp Dressed Nerd 3:47
    06. Teenage Headbanger 3:58
    07. Boomerang (What Goes Around Comes Around) 3:40
    08. L.S.D. (Long Slow Dellirium) 3:34
    09. Gettin' Old 4:00
    10. In Your Web 4:30
    11. Endless Road (We Ride) 4:16

    Total 40:35

    Release Notes:

    After the accelerated start of "Ready Set Go", the band from Peniche
    Dapunksportif, break out their new album "Electro Tube Riot".
    Produced by Dapunksportif and Marco Jung, this second album is released and
    distributed by themselfs and Lisbo Agência. Fuel is this time replaced by
    electricity and by listening to the 11 tracks, you take a trip through valve
    lighten scenarios, ridding two head to head racing guitars over the grey urban
    asphalt ,provoking spasmic waves of enjoyment. Their style remains rock,two
    roahring guitars and a powerful and tricky rythm section. We get this old shool
    70's vibe with an 80's hard rock/metal feel, rapped in a timeless song format.
    On drums are special guests like: Zé Carlos, Fred, Kalu (Xutos&Pontapés) and
    Marco Jung. Let's start the riot!...



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