Republic Of Dreams

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  1. Republic of Dreams is Lars from the React With Protest label / Resurrectionists band and two guys from Louise Cyphre. And that's what they kinda sound like. For all the ones who miss Louise Cyphre - here is finally a replacement!
    This CD contains all thus far recorded songs of the band. The songs from the split 7" with Beau Navire as well as the songs of their upcoming split 12'' with Cloud Rat. Housed in a nice Digipack containing all lyrics and linernotes.

    Artist: Republic of Dreams
    Title: Republic of Dreams
    Format: CD
    Label: Moment of Collapse
    Year: 2012
    Genre: Screamo
    Country: Germany / Poland
    Playtime: 14:02 min
    Bitrate: 268 kbps VBR

    Split 12'' with Cloud Rat
    01. There's no bullshitting here
    02. Your Fahrenheit is my Celsius
    03. An enlightened macho is still a macho
    04. Franz K is (not) my busdriver
    05. Dance tonight, revolution everyday
    06. Shit hits the fan, but I'm still not the asshole
    07. (Your) banality is evil
    Split 7'' with Beau Navire
    08. Golden parachutes for the carpetbaggers, austerity for the rest
    09. It's still fucking personal
    10. A refuge becoming utopia


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