Gold Motel

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  1. Gold Motel came together after Greta Morgan (vocals, keys) returned from her time spent writing in Los Angeles. They performed for the first time in December of 2009 with a sold out headlining show in their hometown of chicago at The Beat Kitchen, coinciding with the release of the Gold Motel EP. Summer House, the band's full-lenth album, was released in June 2010. The Talking Fiction 7 was released in November 2010 and features Cold Shoulders and Slow Emergency , which will also be on Gold Motel s new self-titled album. After two years of touring and supporting Summer House, Gold Motel began pre-production for their new album in Los Angeles, CA, splitting their time between rehearsals in a house up in the hills of Laurel Canyon and a pool-house in Glendale. The band continued pre-production back in Chicago and began preliminary recording in September of 2011 in guitarist Dan Duzsynski s home-studio, DandySounds Studios. Like Summer House and Talking Fiction, Gold Motel was engineered by Duzsynski and self-produced by the band.

    Track Listing:
    1. Brand New Kind Of Blue
    2. These Sore Eyes
    3. Musicians
    4. In Broad Daylight
    5. Slow Emergency
    6. Cold Shoulders
    7. Your Own Ghost
    8. Always One Step Ahead
    9. Counter Clockwise
    10. At Least We Tried
    11. Santa Cruz
    12. Leave You In Love


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