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  1. Album: Petethepiratesquid/Grave
    Year: 2010
    Ripped: 2010/05/31 Label: Asymmetrie
    Retail: 2010/00/00 Source: LP
    Genre: Hardcore Type: Split
    Lang: English Ripper: TEAM FiH
    Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
    Grabber: Adobe Audition 3.0
    Track: Track Titles: Length:

    A1- Petethepiratesquid - Kafka Fanshirt 2:13
    A2- Petethepiratesquid - Ersatz Feeling 0:49
    A3- Petethepiratesquid - Interrupted Traffic Flow 3:37
    A4- Petethepiratesquid - The Black Part 6:22
    B1- Grave, Shovel...Let's Go - Last Train to 3:46
    Chessie Chain
    B2- Grave, Shovel...Let's Go - Another Late Night 2:50
    Call On My Phantom Party Line
    B3- Grave, Shovel...Let's Go - Spread the Gospel 1:41
    B4- Grave, Shovel...Let's Go - Mountaineer 3:52

    did anybody say 'finally' we think it was worth the wait
    because both bands easily deliver their best songs so far



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