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  1. ARTIST : Elliott Smith
    TITLE : Roman Candle (Remastered)
    LABEL : Domino
    GENRE : Indie
    BITRATE : LAME v3.97 VBR V2
    SIZE : 41.2 MB
    STORE DATE : 2010

    Track List
    01. Roman Candle [3:36]
    02. Condor Ave [3:34]
    03. No Name #1 [3:03]
    04. No Name #2 [3:34]
    05. No Name #3 [3:13]
    06. Drive All Over Town [2:36]
    07. No Name #4 [2:30]
    08. Last Call [4:38]
    09. Kiwi Maddog 20/20 [3:40]


    Domino is very excited to announce that on April 6th, 2010 we will be reissuing
    a re-mastered version of Elliott SmithÆs Roman Candle. Roman Candle was
    Elliott SmithÆs first solo album and was originally released in 1994.

    Roman Candle has been re-mastered for the re-release by Larry Crane, editor of
    Tape Op Magazine and archivist for Elliott's family, and Roger Seibel at SAE

    Larry explains, ôThe intention that I had was to make the album more
    listenable. I felt that a lot of the guitar ôsqueaksö were jarring and very
    loud, and that many of the hard consonants and ôSö sounds were jarring and
    scratchy sounding. I felt by reducing these noises that the music would become
    more inviting and the sound would serve the songs better. When I went to Roger
    Seibel's SAE Mastering, he proceeded to equalize the tracks a small amount and
    to make the volume slightly louder. We never tried to make this CD as loud as
    current, over-limited trends, but just to match the volume of the rest of
    ElliottÆs KRS catalog in a graceful way. Please note that none of this album is
    ôremixedö from the master tapes - it is still composed of the mixes Elliott
    created himself.ö


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