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  1. MTD Proudly Presents

    Artist : Ambush
    Album : Fright Night
    Label : Mediaskare
    Genre : Hardcore
    Street date : 2010-03-30
    Quality : 217 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
    Encoder : Lame 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
    Size : 45.50 MB
    Time : 27:37 min
    Url : http://www.myspace.com/ambush

    1. Open Credits 1:14
    2. Unholy Matrimony 1:32
    3. Fema Death Camps 0:39
    4. New American Holocaust 1:28
    5. Misery 0:45
    6. Interlude 1:30
    7. The Tourist 1:42
    8. Out For Blood 1:39
    9. Courage Pt 2 2:30
    10. Friendship 3:33
    11. Interlude 2 1:05
    12. Waverly's White Death 2:22
    13. Anti-Thiest 2:15
    14. Social Science 2:23
    15. Sin Eater 3:00

    Ambush Is a hardcore/punk band that was formed in Panama
    City, Florida in 2008 by front man Kyle Dischinger and
    guitarist Grant Fury. Not only did the two friends share many
    of the same musical tastes and views, but also were both
    heavily influenced early on by the punk and hardcore scene as
    young teenagers growing up on the Bible belt. The band sites
    a broad spectrum of influences ranging from Black Flag, Bad
    Religion, and This Is Hell to Blacklisted, Mayhem and Dark

    From the beginning, the band noticed an immediate chemistry
    as they began crafting their brand of high-octane hardcore
    that is chock full of blazing fast drumbeats, screaming
    guitars, and politically charged lyrics. In 2008, the band
    slugged it out on the road playing over 250 shows, and also
    managed to release their debut album entitled American
    Monster on Hotfoot Records. Much of the bands material
    touches on subject matter surrounding civil issues such as
    same sex marriage, the negative effect of religion on a
    freethinking society, and most importantly, the utter disdain
    and mistrust that they share for the US Government.

    In 2009, Ambushs heavy touring schedule paid off when they
    were picked up on the radar of hardcore staple Mediaskare
    Records and signed shortly thereafter. Their debut Mediaskare
    release entitled Fright Night hits shelves March 30th.
    Their current line up also includes Bryan Nowell on drums,
    and Gabe Durkee on bass.

    These guys are certainly no strangers to life on the road as
    they have toured all over The US, Canada, and Mexico with
    acts such as: For The Fallen Dreams, American Me, Suffokate,
    This Is Hell, Venia, Endwell, The Mongoloids, Grave Maker,
    Ruiner, and Blood Stands Still. Just over the course of 2009,
    Ambush had another 250 shows under their belt.

    If one thing is apparent about this band, it is that they are
    not in this for fame or money, but more so because it is what
    they care about most, and its what they do best. Their
    ongoing goal is to influence their audience to always raise
    questions and think for themselves. If anything can leave
    that lasting impression, it is their live show. Check them
    out as they have forthcoming dates in Puerto Rico and all
    over the US.

    ascii by cough cRO


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