Underneath The Gun

2009 - Forfeit Misfortunes

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    - Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- -

    Artist: Underneath The Gun
    Album: Forfeit Misfortunes
    Label: Ferret
    Playtime: 32:17 min
    Genre: Hardcore
    URL: http://www.myspace.com/utg
    Rip date: 2009-01-20
    Street date: 2009-01-20
    Size: 61.24 MB
    Type: Normal
    Quality: 249 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

    - Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

    Hailing from Corona, CA, Underneath The Gun delivers intense death metal
    influenced hardcore. While their speedy and dexterous instrument gymnastics
    ignite firestorms in the mosh pit, the message behind the fury is one of
    love, hope and compassion. Trevor Vickers (guitarist) spoke about the band's
    Christian beliefs and how it impacts their music: "Underneath The Gun, while
    it sounds harsh, is about our time on this earth and how we should use that
    time to get right with the lord." The band embarked on this spiritual and
    musical journey at only twelve years old. "We always had the same mission and
    influences, the only difference is we've matured in our approach," Vickers
    remarked. Starting by playing local church shows and battle of the bands and
    graduating to club shows at fourteen, the band quickly took up much of the
    members' youths. "We definitely turned a lot of heads being these kids and
    playing clubs with this style of music. We were getting comments from every
    band we played with." Alongside guitarist Trevor Vickers is Harrison DeGrote
    (vocals), Isaac Bueno (drums), Kyle Fins (bass).

    For Fans Of: Bring Me The Horizon, Devil Wears Prada and Whitechapel.

    - Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

    01. Cutting Ties, Breathing Lies ( 3:15)
    02. Reflection Of The Commonwealth ( 3:40)
    03. Looking Deep In Shallow Water ( 2:58)
    04. Penitence ( 3:42)
    05. A Sharp Definition Of Dull ( 3:22)
    06. Shawshank Absolution ( 2:53)
    07. No Place For Pardon ( 3:35)
    08. Crescendo ( 1:27)
    09. Rising Words ( 2:53)
    10. Breathing New Lungs ( 4:32)

    - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -


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