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  1. Leathermouth-XO-2009-FNT
    - Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- -

    Artist: Leathermouth
    Album: XO
    Label: Epitaph
    Playtime: 23:37 min
    Genre: Punk Rock
    URL: http://www.myspace.com/leathermouth
    Rip date: 2009-01-16
    Street date: 2009-01-27
    Size: 42.25 MB
    Type: Normal
    Quality: 237 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

    - Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

    * 5th period massacre

    disclaimer -"this song does not in anyway condone teenage violence, its just
    a song written from the point of view by a troubled individual who was
    tormented at school and saw no way out but through violence":

    revenge. killed my hopes, called me names, broke my jaw, its always the same.
    nobody listens, there's no escape. i'm just like you, gave it my everything,
    nobody loves me, its driving me insane. why do you all hate me? everyone's
    against me. mommy don't care, daddy can't help. you made it hell everyday,
    called me names, i wanna die. maybe i can find a way to make you all just go
    away. i never lied, never cried, never fell, never crawled. i was just like
    you. now you'll pay with your fucking lives. i went to dad's closet, picked
    up his .45, grabbed 3 boxes of bullets, and on my hip it shall reside. til i
    opened the gym doors, you should have seen those fucks run. i poured out a
    full clip, in the back i got some. i finally found my smile, it's pure and
    blood stained. so who's the bitch now? i'll paint the lockers with your
    brains. nothing can help this fucking pain in my heart, nothing compares to
    the pain in my heart. no, nothing can take away this pain in my heart, but
    your blood on my hands well at least it's a start. (important: this song in
    no way condones violence in schools or anywhere else, its simply a song
    written from the point of view of a troubled soul who saw no way out. life's
    a bitch.)

    * catch me if you can mr. lusk

    i'll take an ear to feed the pigs, i'll bleed them all just to get my fix. a
    hooker's scream heard round the world, my sharpened knife begs to explore.
    the nypd ain't got shit on me. i'll carve them up with a flick of my wrist.
    you'll never find a fucking fingerprint. i'll run this world, i'll lie and
    steal. none can match my scalpel skill. the nypd ain't got shit on me. no
    rest, no rest, no fucking arrests. i'll paint this town blood red tonight,
    erase this scum from my fucking sight. a gift from god doing the devil's
    crimes, i set shit right one whore at a time. a gift from god doing the
    devil's crimes, i'll carve these bitches one slice at a time. you'd better
    catch me before i have my fun. (elements of this song taken from letters
    written by jack the ripper.)

    * (my immaculate)...this song is about being attacked by monsters

    we need a doctor. they're coming in through the windows and breaking through
    all the boards i nailed up. they look like they've been through hell and
    back, they got just one thing on their minds. we need a plan. someone get a
    gun, we'd better run. they found a hole in the basement door. they're coming
    up through the floor boards. i got enough ammo but i should have prayed for
    more guts. i don't care what you think, i just care how you shoot. they don't
    care who you were, they just care how sweet the blood. someone send in the
    troops, get a plane in the air, we need emergency help, whatever you can
    fucking spare, i don't care. i'm on my own now, oh god i'm on my own. they've
    got a hold of me now, it's all over...

    * i am going to kill the president of the united states of america

    if this is the front line, there's no hope for the world. devils, we're
    raised by fucking devils, who've been raised by fucking devils, wearing our
    saviors as skins. how can i believe what you say? you're propaganda bullshit
    makes me sick. murdered fascists make less noise and promises. i'd shed your
    blood to save the world. you're living a lie straight to hell. i'd rather
    have my eyes sewn shut than see all the shit that we've done. i'd rather be
    deaf, dumb, and blind than pledge allegiance to a man of your kind. (you put
    words in our mouths, i'd like to put a bullet in yours) i'll send you to
    hell. you're coming to hell with me motherfucker.

    * murder was the case that they gave me

    i've tried so hard to keep it together, my blood runs cold, i clench my
    fists. i'll seize the day by the throat and watch it die. the last thing
    you'll see will be my face...remember this face. this ones for old times. you
    did this to yourself. you're so empty inside. this is my counterstrike, right
    here my call to arms. i've scarred my battle cry, it's "search and destroy",
    you fucking whore. i'm burning down your house now. i hope yo god you're in
    your house now. burn bright like a star, traitor. the sun smiles on your
    corpse, traitor. your cries mean nothing, i'll take my time. your tears mean
    nothing, i'll bide my time. i can't leave you breathing, oh the stories you'd
    tell. maybe you'll learn when the dirt fills your lungs. i am your nightmare.
    i am the shape in the dark. i am your ending. ashes to ashes, and dust to
    dust, god knows i've had better.

    * sunsets are for muggings

    this is for the kids who ain't got no soul. never think twice, got nowhere to
    go. this is for the pills that never fucking work, but it's hard to see blood
    on a black t-shirt. they'll never understand cause they were understood, an
    "open minded" fake in a bright white coat. tell me what you wanna know about
    my bleeding fucking heart. i'll pass all your tests, i've learned to lie from
    the best. life is a fight. they never really listen cause they never fucking
    cared. the way i feel inside they could never fucking hear. all they wanna
    know about is your insurance card. the pain i've kept inside just made me
    fucking strong. i never found a place i felt i fit, i never met someone who
    gave a shit. but i believe in what we fucking got. now we have a chance to
    set it off. i never found a place i felt i fit, i never met someone who gave
    a shit. lets take a stand against feeling lost, this is our chance to set it
    off. you'll never take me alive cause we're already dead. you'll never take
    me alive cause we're already dead inside.

    * my love note has gone flat

    yes my eyes are burning red, and thoughts of murder run through my head. oh
    my eyes are bloodshot red, put a bullet right through my head. i am my own
    bomb, i am my own slave. i hate my life now, and all of this is because if
    you. i wanna die, i hate myself. is anyone listening? no. i wanna lay low,
    but you want a funeral. you are a lie, and i am the liar. you can all go fuck
    yourselves. all this poison inside my brain has given false hope it's such a
    shame. i'm done, this is my last call. oh god just take me away.

    * your friends are full of shit

    i can't pretend that i can stomach your face. i can't believe the shit that
    comes out. i'll never forget, never relent, never recant. my face is too far
    gone, been walking forever, caring about what you think. that's what i said
    baby, its where its at baby, i'll wear a smile when i stab you in the back
    baby. so watch your step kid, protect your neck kid, and if you're lucky they
    wont find you fucking dead. you're keeping this shit alive? you're full of
    shit. right, how can't you remember my name? you never gave a shit. you are
    the maggots i never forget. say your forevers and never forget. i tried for
    so long, trust me i fucking tried. riot, you're such a fucking riot. just
    walk away bitch before i drop you. a life for a life, an eye for an eye. i
    can't pretend that you're just like me. a life for a life, an eye for an eye.
    we'll leave the world blind and keep pretending. just walk away before i drop
    you. you're fucking dead bitch.

    * bodysnatchers 4 ever (what's a pulse got ta do with it?)

    a 2nd chance, take a life, another mission to steal a kiss from borrowed
    lips, i taste your prison. it feels like a lifetime of leaving bodies on the
    sidelines. i swear to god girl you're never gonna regret this. close your
    eyes, this will only take a second. though these veins are borrowed, this
    heart only beats for you. 1,2,3,4, their shells disposable, oh so expendable.
    shut it out of your pretty mind, they never cared for you. here's our shot to
    insight a revolution. they don't deserve to live, we are their evolution.
    these veins are borrowed, this shell is borrowed. a new life after death,
    it's fucking perfect. don't you fear, they'll never hurt you darling. they
    never cared for you, how can you shed a tear? don't worry old girl, dry the
    tears from your eyes. something better is bound to come around
    sometime...let's go. this face means nothing, these hands feel nothing, these
    lungs are empty, and these eyes are blind. this face means nothing, these
    hands hold nothing, i'm here, this heart is yours. our love never dies.

    * leviathan

    - Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

    01. 5th Period Massacre ( 2:13)
    02. Catch Me If You Can ( 2:30)
    03. This Song Is About Being Attacked By Monsters ( 2:40)
    04. I Am Going to Kill the President of the United States of America ( 2:58)
    05. Murder Was the Case That They Gave Me ( 2:46)
    06. Sunsets Are For Muggings ( 1:57)
    07. My Lovenote Has Gone Flat ( 2:21)
    08. Your Friends Are Full of Shit ( 2:05)
    09. Body Snatchers 4 Ever ( 2:10)
    10. Leviathan ( 1:57)

    - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -


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