Matt & Kim

2009 - Grand

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  1. Matt_And_Kim-Grand-2009-MTD
    Matt & Kim - Grand

    Artist.....: Matt & Kim
    Title......: Grand
    Label......: Fader Label

    Store Date.: 000-00-0000
    Genre......: Rock

    Encoder....: Lame 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
    Size.......: 44.7 MB

    Track Listing:

    01 - Daylight 02:51
    02 - Cutdown 02:52
    03 - Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare 03:30
    04 - Spare Change 01:14
    05 - I Wanna 01:38
    06 - Lessons Learned 03:36
    07 - Don't Slow Down 03:08
    08 - Turn This Boat Around 02:10
    09 - Ginders 01:47
    10 - I'll Take Us Home 03:27
    11 - Daylight Outro Remix 03:11

    29:24 min
    Release Notes:


    Brooklyn-based duo Matt and Kim return with Grand, their second
    album and first in over two years. During the period in between
    records the duo has toured extensively and developed a loyal and
    growing fan base that eagerly awaits the release of Grand. The
    band spent the last nine months recording and tweaking Grand in
    between tour dates.

    The result is an album that takes the band's musicianship and
    songwriting to the next level and also serves as a glowing
    representation of how far Matt and Kim have come since their
    debut. From the anthemic opener 'Daylight' to the harmony-rich,
    atmospheric ballad 'Turn This Boat Around' and demented pop of 'I
    Wanna,' Grand is quite literally the sound of Matt and Kim
    discovering their voice.

    'All of the songs on the last album we wrote the first year we
    learned how to play our instruments,' Matt acknowledged, 'but this
    one is much more diverse and instead of thinking about the songs
    we thought of the album as a whole, too.'


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