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  1. Darkly seductive sophomore LP from Oslo's snowboot-gazers Maribel - a strong look for fans of Jesus & Mary Chain, Forest Swords, MBV. Since their widely acclaimed debut 'Aesthetics', the group has imploded and since expanded around singer/songwriter Pål Espen Kapelrud to include East German enchantress Rebekka Marstein of Pica Pica, and drummer Bjarne Stensli, who both lend a crucial presence to the excellent 'Reveries'. Pål's dreams of a bruised and stylishly sexy pop music are now realised in beautiful form; Rebbeka sounds like a Lynchian fantasy set against twanging Morricone-esque guitars, while Stensli's confident rhythms imbue the whole thing with a knowing swagger redolent of Bruce Gilbert's work with AC Marias, albeit with a more pop-wise slant. Classic references abound, from explicit nods to the likes of Astrud Gilberto, Peggy Lee, and the 4AD back catalogue, but it's all carried off with an up-to-date palette and a very Scandinavian feel for hooks.


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