In Alcatraz 1962


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  1. InAlcatraz1962-Dream-EP-2011-UTP


    ARTiST......: In Alcatraz 1962
    ALBUM.......: Dream
    TYPE........: Extended Play
    GENRE.......: Hardcore
    LABEL.......: Independant

    YEAR........: 2011 SOURCE...: CDDA
    RiP.DATE....: 06-19-2011 GRABBER..: Exact Audio Copy v1.0 beta 1
    STREET.DATE.: 05-17-2011 ENCODER..: LAME v3.98.4 -V0 --vbr-new
    CATALOG.....: 884501536875 QUALiTY..: 248kbpsavg 44.1kHz Joint Stereo


    01 For Yourself 4:18
    02 The Want (Feat. Tyler of ABACABB) 3:43
    03 Speed Of Spinning Earth 3:16
    04 You The Dreamer 4:29
    05 Dare To Take 3:08

    TOTAL SiZE.: 5 Files/37.27MB/18:54 min


    Besides the interesting name which nods towards the hellish nightmare
    of a prison and the escape from its walls accomplished in 1962 by
    Clarence Anglin, John Anglin, Frank Morris and Allen West, IA62 bring
    forth a nightmarish sound mixing metal and hardcore in a violent
    prison riot of a mix. Blending with ease the crusty crunchy chaos of
    The Unsane and the explosiveness of Scars Of Tomorrow, these guys drop
    bombs from the beginning and the rest is just us awaiting the fallout.
    The band previously released an EP in 2009 titled Still Strong, which
    was merely an introduction to what was to come. The Dream EP harnesses
    the rawness and epicness one would expect from a seasoned band
    releasing their 4th full length upon the world. Alas, this is merely
    another EP and its filled to the brim with toxic vocals and
    destructive grooves and beat downs. Tracks like The Want (featuring
    Tyler Greene of the now defunct ABACABB) highlight what this band does
    best. They destroy you quickly and without remorse and let you
    breathe, only for a second with Andre Bravo giving us his best Mike
    Milford soulful clean vocal, before turning right around and
    finishing you off. Its in tracks like Speed Of Spinning Earth that
    you realize these guys arent here to play. They paid attention in the
    late 90's and early 2000's to what was hot and have rendered it an
    artform. In Alcatraz 1962 bring forth a heavy, mosh inducing music
    that has been sadly absent since bands like the severely overlooked
    Scars Of Tomorrow, Sinai Beach and The Unsane either disbanded or have
    seemingly fell off the face of the Earth. With the release of Dream
    and the interest these guys have been garnering as of late, I see no
    reason they shouldnt get picked up and thrust further into the faces
    of hungry metal and hardcore kids everywhere.

    URL: http://www.myspace.com/inalcatraz1962


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