Bleeding Through


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  1. Release Info ---------------------------------------------------------------

    Artist:Bleeding Through
    Album:Bleeding Through
    Label:Rise Records
    Playtime:45:31 min
    Rip date:2010-04-09
    Street date:2010-04-13
    Size:84.69 mb
    Quality: 243 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

    Release Notes --------------------------------------------------------------

    Bleeding Through is one of the nost important bands to take the mixture of metal and hardcore to international prominence in the last decade, touring with Slayer, Bullet For my Valentine, Machine Head, Marilyn Manson, AFI, HIM, Ozzfest and Vans Harped Tour. They have been featured on the cover of Revolver, Metal Edge and Outburn. The group energed fron the underground to sell a combined 300,000 albums. Their ominously self-titled new album, their first for Rise Records, is the perfect distillation of their past with a solid look forward to the future: dark, aggressive, full of rage and sorrow.

    Track List -----------------------------------------------------------------

    01.A Resurrection( 1:54)

    02.Anti-Hero( 3:09)

    03.Your Abandonment( 3:30)

    04.Fifteen Minutes( 3:48)

    05.Salvation Never Found( 4:49)

    06.Breathing In The Wrath( 4:29)

    07.This Time Nothing Is Sacred( 3:16)

    08.Divide The Armies( 4:50)

    09.Drag Me To The Ocean( 3:51)

    10.Light My Eyes( 2:42)

    11.Slow Your Roll( 3:22)

    12.Distortion, Devotion( 5:54)


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