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  1. Release Info --------------------------------------------------------------

    Artist: Fictionist
    Album: Lasting Echo
    Label: Self-Released
    Playtime: 44:31 min
    Genre: Indie
    Rip date: 2010-02-16
    Street date: 2010-03-02
    Size: 65.31 MB
    Type: Advance
    Quality: 195 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

    Release Notes -------------------------------------------------------------

    Fictionist is big music, with a wall of sound of epic, swirling choruses
    and bridges that build on one another think of the way Led Zeppelin builds
    momentum slowly on Stairway to Heaven until it erupts in the final verse,
    destroying everything in sight. Salt Lake Tribune

    Simply put, Fictionist is one of the best bands Ive ever heard. - St
    George Spectrum

    I found Fictionist to be extremely talented, poised, and armed with
    intense, sophisticated, cerebral pop songs. David Bash, Founder/CEO The
    International Pop Overthrow Music Festival

    A glorious wall of post-pop ecstasya high-energy vocal romp that stands up
    to the best modern indie music HitSession.com

    I consider it an act of extreme good luck that I got to see this band
    because theyre pretty amazing. Ronatron.net

    Simultaneously energetic and introspective, Fictionist nourishes the ears
    & the soul with attentive songwriting and beautifully crafted musicianship
    WSCS 90.0FM

    The sum of all the parts is grand, but its never busy or overwhelming, and
    the same can be said for the rest of the record. These songs are mapped out
    exquisitely, with each player knowing his role, whether it be in a rhythmic
    vamp or a death-defying solo. CD Baby

    Fictionist is my new favorite local band and literally, probably the most
    talented band Ive ever heard in Salt Lake. Jon Tueller, Graywhale Music

    Track List ----------------------------------------------------------------

    01. Always ( 4:21
    02. Human Wings ( 3:22
    03. Blue-Eyed Universe ( 3:36
    04. Sunshine Of A Shell ( 4:17
    05. Strangers In The Dark ( 3:55
    06. The Well-Made Shadow ( 5:32
    07. Time To Time ( 2:53
    08. Suffering Angel ( 5:20
    09. Deeper And Deeper ( 3:20
    10. Fire Don't Set You Free ( 4:25
    11. Have Mercy ( 3:30



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