Black Breath


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  1. Proudly Presents

    Black Breath - Heavy Breathing

    Genre ..........: Hardcore
    Storedate ......: 2010-00-00
    Label ..........: Southern Lord
    Catnum .........: Lord-114
    Source .........: CD
    Playtime .......: 0h 40min total

    Encoder ........: LAME 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
    Bitrate ........: 224 kbps avg
    Size ...........: 58.45 MB


    Title Time
    1. Black Sin (Spit On The Cross) 3:30
    2. Eat The Witch 3:53
    3. Escape From Death 4:10
    4. I Am Beyond 4:25
    5. Virus 4:21
    6. Heavy Breathing 2:52
    7. Children Of The Horn 3:12
    8. Fallen 3:46
    9. Unholy Virgin 5:34
    10. Wewhocannotbenamed 4:30

    Release Notes

    After touring the USA with Trap them and Victims, Seattle, WA's
    Black Breath entered God City Studios with Kurt Ballou to
    record a colossal metal record filled with the riffage of metal
    and the speed and intensity of hardcore, creating a final
    product comparable to Mammoth Grinder, Entombed, Motorhead and


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