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  1. Brain Killer - Every Actual State Is Corrupt

    Genre ..........: Hardcore
    Storedate ......: 2011-00-00
    Label ..........: Deranged Records
    Catnum .........:
    Source .........: Vinyl (LP)
    Playtime .......: 0h 20min total

    Encoder ........: LAME 3.98.4 (-V0)
    Bitrate ........: 247 kbps avg
    Size ...........: 35.80 MB


    Title Time
    1. So Much Hate 1:37
    2. Consumers 1:08
    3. Breakout 2:03
    4. Resist Control 1:27
    5. Freedom? 1:53
    6. The Cure 1:44
    7. Crucify 1:25
    8. What's Your Excuse? 1:55
    9. No Escape 1:11
    10. Bigger Problems 1:22
    11. What Is Survival? 4:17

    Release Notes

    Pissed off, distortion saturated hardcore fuckin' punk

    Review of their LP from MRR 338:
    I have to admit that I am a BRAINKILLER fan. In fact I
    celebrate their whole catalog. With that said this Lp is
    pretty damn badass. Yes, it is more of the sound that
    BRAINKILLER has crafted by melding together the best parts of
    Japanese hardcore with the intensely deep American HC roots.
    This band manages to move fluidly into FRAMTID musicality from
    early DEATHREAT, and DEVOID OF FAITH, barking mean, growled
    sometimes chorused vocals. I know the comparisons have been
    made before, but thats what this shit sounds like, maynge
    The initial UK peacepunk spoke word moments are actually quite
    good. The dude is pissed, incensed and rabid. The first song
    on the B-side, the cure makes me wanna fucking tear my face
    off. GoddamnThose relentless drums sound like an ape wildly
    pounding the shit outta itself. Distorted high-end guitar fuzz
    tones hit your brain in the most ugly sonic assault while
    delivering some infectious riffage. The bass hits you in the
    throat and seems to have no restraint. The lyrics deal with
    the religious myth, the end of the world and how fucked
    everyone and everything is. The call to action is made and it
    is convincing. Some may argue that these themes are old news,
    but I would disagree. Punks are pissed for a reason, assholes,
    and we arent gonna stop being pissed. This is brutal, heavy,
    mean and angry. It might make you cry, but BRAINKILLER fans
    dont cry we do push ups and dance in a circle. Fuck yeah.


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