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  1. - Release Info -------------------------------------------------------------- -

    Artist: August Burns Red
    Album: Home
    Label: Solid State Records
    Playtime: 69:19 min
    Genre: Hardcore
    URL: http://www.myspace.com/augustburnsred
    Rip date: 2010-09-23
    Street date: 2010-09-28
    Size: 128.49 MB
    Type: Normal
    Quality: 244 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

    - Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

    "In 2009, genre giants August Burns Red shot for the stars with the release
    of their breakout album Constellations - which debuted at #24 on the
    Billboard Top 200 and rocketed the band to the forefront of the metal scene.
    In 2010, the band is touching back down to earth with the release of Home,
    ABRÆs first live CD and DVD.

    The DVD/CD shoot û filmed last month in, appropriately enough, the bandÆs
    Home-town of Manheim, PA û drew a sold-out crowd of 1250 people who wanted to
    participate in the exciting performance, including some who traveled
    internationally, from as close as Montreal to as far away as Amsterdam.

    "We played our first ever show as a band in Manheim, PA in April of 2003,"
    explains guitarist JB Brubaker. "Between then and now weÆve been fortunate
    enough to play all over the world. But when it came time for us to record our
    first live DVD/CD, it only made sense to do so back in Manheim where
    everything began. It was exciting for us to have people come from far and
    wide to the town where most of us grew up, and to be able to play such a
    special show in front of our families and close friends who have been
    supporting us since the beginning."

    The powerful, pummeling performance featured many fan favorites from the
    bandÆs three full-length albums, Constellations, 2007Æs Messengers and 2005Æs
    Thrill Seeker, meaning that Home will appeal to both new and longtime ABR

    Shot and edited by Space Monkey Studios, whose phenomenal work has been seen
    on releases by acts like Coheed And Cambria, Lamb Of God, Every Time I Die
    and more, the live show is accompanied by a documentary on the band detailing
    life on the road and at home and featuring many fans discussing the ways in
    which August Burns Red have impacted their lives in a positive, meaningful

    - Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

    01. Intro ( 0:58)
    02. Back Burner ( 3:41)
    03. White Washed ( 4:18)
    04. Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins ( 3:59)
    05. The Eleventh Hour ( 4:49)
    06. Meddler ( 3:57)
    07. Truth of a Liar ( 4:56)
    08. Marianas Trench ( 5:27)
    09. Thirty and Seven ( 3:18)
    10. Existence ( 4:50)
    11. Meridian ( 5:55)
    12. A Shot Below the Belt ( 5:23)
    13. Up Against the Ropes ( 4:57)
    14. Composure ( 5:43)
    15. The Seventh Trumpet ( 7:08)

    - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -


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