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  1. Album: Drowning With Our
    Year: 2010
    Ripped: 2010/08/11 Source: Vinyl
    Retail: 2010/00/00 Lang: English
    Genre: Hardcore Size: 27.02 MB
    Label: Vitriol Records Ripper: TEAM FiH
    Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
    Quality: 183kbps/44.1KHz/Joint Stereo
    Grabber: Adobe Audition 3.0
    Track: Track Titles: Length:

    A1- Drowning With Our Anchors - Withdrawn & With 9:30
    B1- Maladie - Docarso 3:07
    B2- Maladie - El Poder En Manos Equivocadas 3:14
    B3- Maladie - Esclavos Por Eleccion 3:41
    Time: 0h 19min

    Finally, this is the 10" Split from these bands from San
    Francisco and Tijuana. On the heels of their respective
    full lengths, this record brings a new extended song from
    DWOA and 3 new songs from Maladie. This contains a full
    color innersleeve and a double die-cut 10" jacket, and
    color vinyl. Check this out



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