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  1. b5!

    F o r e v e r I m m o r t a l
    H o s t s P r e s e n t s :

    Artist .: Chambers
    Album ..: Chambers
    Year ...: 2009

    Ripped .: 02/18/2010 Label ..: Shove
    Retail .: 00/00/2009 Source .: LP
    Genre ..: Hardcore Type ...: LP
    Lang ...: English Ripper .: TEAM FiH

    Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new
    Grabber: n/a

    Track: Track Titles: Length:

    01- Easter In Tromso 4:28
    02- H&N 4:38
    03- Black In The Future 5:36
    04- Second Wall War 7:01
    05- A Planet Is On Fire 6:29

    silkscreened cover with artwork by 108, chambers is new
    project after the end of Violent Breakfast.. they're sound
    is more adult than before..


    TEAM FiH 2010

    Raging Fires Of Hell
    Burning Through My Soul
    My Love For A Dead Fuck I Cannot
    Control The child Soon Will
    Rise All Evil Will
    Survive Birth Through Death

    We Are Looking For The Following
    - Private [100mbit+ / .eu] Dumps
    - Private [100mbit+ / .eu] Affil
    -Dedicated Music Suppliers b5!


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