Witchbreed - Heretic Rapture 2009


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  1. Zz


    Artist: Witchbreed
    Title: Heretic Rapture
    Label: Plastic Head (Soulfood Music)
    Genre: Metal
    Str.date: 2009-08-28
    Rip.date: 2009-11-13
    Source: CDDA
    Encoder: LAME
    Ripper: n/a
    Quality: VBR Kbit/4410kHz/Joint Stereo
    Size: 13 Tracks/87 MB/49:33
    Cat.Nr-: n/a


    Track Title Time

    1. Atheos 1:16
    2. Symphony for the Fallen 4:16
    3. Thy Eclipse 4:15
    4. Rebel Blood 4:21
    5. Firethrone 4:07
    6. Medeusa 4:24
    7. Ignis Bellum 0:44
    8. Ruby Light of the West 4:49
    9. Fang and Claw 5:01
    10. Eternal Exile 4:42
    11. Unspoken Vow 4:54
    12. Edens End 4:44
    13. Heretica 2:00



    Group Information

    CRN is a releasing group dedicated to bringing you
    the latest music of today. It has been a great
    honor to serve you quality music for the past 3 years.
    We love the music and consider this as a way to share all the
    great music there is out there. CRN urges you to purchase
    a copy of your favorite artists cd. If the Artists were not
    supported then this scene would not exist

    If youre looking to join CRN here is what it takes:

    -Have access to quality current year music (cd or vinyl)

    -Maintain a constant releasing rate

    -Being a well motivated person who can adapt well in group

    To the Crew:
    I love you guys. You are the best people any group could have.
    Keep the best job up.

    Anyone that helped us get here we appreciate
    it highly, anyone else, fuck off - CRUiSN..


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