Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong

2008 - Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong

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  1. Joe_Lean_And_The_Jing_Jang_Jong-Joe_Lean_And_The_Jing_Jang_Jong-2008-DV8
    Artist: Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong
    Title: Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong
    Label: Mercury
    Genre: Indie
    Bitrate: 222kbit av.
    Time: 00:38:05
    Size: 63.66 mb
    Rip Date: 2008-09-17
    Str Date: 2008-00-00

    1. Lucio Starts Fires 2:13
    2. In Competition 2:00
    3. Where Do You Go? 2:49
    4. Baby 3:25
    5. Brooklyn 3:19
    6. Dear Rose 2:49
    7. I Ain't Sure 2:49
    8. Why Did You Break My Heart 3:02
    9. Far Too Early To Tell 4:07
    10. Lonely Buoy 2:37
    11. Teenagers 2:34
    12. Light And The Dark 2:35
    13. Adelaide 3:46

    Release Notes:

    This album was unreleased only 500 copies were put out before
    they cancelled it, I took 'Unreleased Album' out of the
    directory coz it looked long and ugly! Enjoy:)

    Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong have shelved plans tonight
    (July 22) to release what was set to be their self-titled
    debut album just weeks before the day it was due out.

    The album was completed last year and had been set to be
    released on August 4, with early copies having already been
    sent out and reviews printed the album was dropped just as it
    was due to go into production.

    However, the band's manager, Raye Cosbert suggested to the
    band that they shelve the release because they had recorded it
    too early in their career. He said it did not represent them
    as a band now.

    Cosbert said that the band agreed with the plan after it was
    suggested to them. The band's label, Vertigo/Mercury, have now
    agreed to release the newly-recorded album in early 2009.

    The manager went on to confirm that the band would honour all
    the live commitments they had booked for the future, and have
    not set a date for new album sessions or picked a producer

    "They've grown as musicians, the album was recorded too early
    in their career," he Cosbert. "The band have all agreed that's
    it's the best thing to do [re-record the album]."

    The Vertigo/Mercury Music Group statement: "Obviously we
    completely respect our artists' creative decisions. Joe Lean
    and the Jing Jang Jong are a great band and we look forward to
    releasing their first album in the near future."


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