Once Pure

2008 - Straight Jacket Romance

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  1. Once_Pure-Straight_Jacket_Romance-2008-PMS
    Once Pure - Straight Jacket Romance

    ARTIST........: Once Pure
    TITLE.........: Straight Jacket Romance
    LABEL.........: Independent
    URL...........: http://www.oncepure.com/
    GENRE.........: Metal
    QUALITY.......: 235 kbps avg/ 44100Hz / Joint Stereo

    RIP DATE......: 2008-07-22
    RELEASE DATE..: 2008-00-00

    01. Pointless 5:58
    02. Nothings Changed 3:34
    03. Beneath 5:03
    04. My Only Hope 5:30
    05. Dissaprovesk 4:44
    06. Abandoned 5:13
    07. Destructive Criticism 4:06
    08. A New Perception 4:08
    09. Hole(W) 4:45
    10. 1121 4:24

    Total 47:25

    Release Notes:

    2nd album by this band, enjoy!

    Once Pure offers a style of music that is categorized in the genre of metal that
    is up and coming. With fast, choppy, grooving riffs that are filled with
    synchronized double bass and precision drumming, Once Pure has created the
    foundation for a style that brings you more in your face breakdowns and less
    solos. The vocals being highly influenced by all cultures, there is a variety of
    expeditions ranging from the rhythms and patterns of hip-hop, to the melody
    filled choruses, and the vein pulsing screams that snable you to envision the
    message and stories that Once Pure is sharing for individuals to relate to. Once
    Pure has been in existence for about five years. After playing in support of
    their first release, "Straight Jacket Romance"- Once Pure has currently finished
    recording their new album, "Closing The Chapter". With the talent and precision
    this band has, the light at the end of the tunnel looks very bright. Low-tuned
    guitars, double-bass, and precise time changes mixed with the melodic/screams of
    front man Jeremy create a pure blend of melodic hardcore metal.



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