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  1. Release Info --------------------------------------------------------------

    Artist: Kidcrash
    Album: Naps
    Label: Init Records
    Playtime: 16:06 min
    Genre: Hardcore
    URL: http://www.initrecords.com
    Rip date: 2011-12-01
    Street date: 2011-00-00
    Size: 33.73 MB
    Type: Normal
    Quality: 278 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

    Release Notes -------------------------------------------------------------

    Here's a 1-sided LP from one of the last remaining awesome emo bands. There's
    a lot of guitar wankery as always, but they manage to pull it off in a way
    that works.. as long as I'm stoned enough. Pick it up, the cover art is
    brilliantly disturbing as always.. those skinned bat freaks give me nightmares

    Track List ----------------------------------------------------------------

    01. Hibernationstate ( 4:37
    02. Sleep Shock ( 4:28
    03. Misogamist ( 3:22
    04. Unknowing The End ( 3:39



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