With Horses In Her Eyes


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  1. Artist - With Horses In Her Eyes
    Album - Prologue
    Label - The Wonder Years Records
    Street Date - 2006-06-26
    Release Date - 2006-06-28
    Genre - Screamo

    # NAME TiME

    1. Page 1 2:35
    2. Page 2 5:05
    3. Page 3 3:39
    4. Page 4 4:11
    5. Page 5 2:46

    18:16 min
    21.38 mb


    Note: We consider ourselves at MP3 to be ahead of
    the game when it comes to audio quality. We prefer
    to rip to LAME 3.97b because it yields better sound
    quality at a more efficient bitrate. However, the
    scene is not yet prepared for 3.97b, as pzs-ng/glftpd
    have not yet been updated to detect the presets in
    this new encoder. In addition to this, some groups
    have been taking advantage of using new LAME versions
    or presets and have been sound shaping and altering
    bitrates to make re-encoded webrips appear as legit
    releases. As such, we have decided to revert to an
    outdated version of LAME until the scene is prepared
    for an update.


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